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A CHIP Reverse Mortgage enables homeowners aged 55 and older to access their home equity without making any monthly repayments.

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Hi, I’m Sabeena. I’m a mortgage consultant with Xeva Mortgage working from Vancouver’s North Shore.

I became a mortgage broker in 2004 after working in mortgage lending for more than 11 years. The experience I gained working with lending companies allowed me to successfully transition into the independent mortgage broker role.

I’m very proud to say that since 2004 I have helped 2,700+ clients borrow more than $675M in mortgages!

I’m committed to finding solutions for my clients that go beyond just getting a good interest rate. I’m a specialist in reading fine print and love to help my clients get the mortgage product that best suits their needs.

I’m also a CHIP Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist, which means I can provide my clients with even more comprehensive financing options. This unique program provides Canadians 55 and older with specialized financing that enables them to free up some of their home equity while remaining in the comfort of their home.

Unlike many mortgage-based financial products, with a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, borrowers are not obligated to make any payments until they choose to move or sell. I’d love to help you look at all your options. Contact me anytime!

Sabeena was fabulous to work with, and really took the time to understand our needs. After meeting with her to discuss our financial situation, she recommended a CHIP mortgage instead of the line of credit we came to see her about. We discussed this with our family, and decided to go that route instead.

The freedom we have to live our lives without worrying about making mortgage payments was a really big deal to us. We hadn’t even thought of a reverse mortgage before meeting with Sabeena.

If you are looking for someone who is professional, caring, and will take the time to work through all your options, we suggest you contact Sabeena Bubber, she is fabulous. Thanks for everything Sabeena.

Kirk & Ramona

North Vancouver Residents

Here are some great videos that explain how a reverse mortgage works.

If you would like to talk more, please call me directly at 604-862-8526.

The Reverse Mortgage Process is Easy!


Decide how much of your home equity you would like to access without scrutiny of your income, credit, or health.


Contact me to find out how much you qualify for. I will personally walk you through the entire process from start to finish.


Receive the money you need in one lump sum or multiple installments. Spend the money however you like!


The full amount only becomes due when you and your spouse pass away, when your home is sold, or if you decide to move.

Why Use a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist?

The CHIP Home Income Plan, now called a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, was created by HomEquity Bank, a Schedule 1 Canadian Bank. It was founded 30 years ago as an annuity-based solution addressing the financial needs of Canadians who wanted to access the equity of their top asset – their home. For many years, in order to secure a CHIP Reverse Mortgage, Canadians were limited to dealing directly with a representative from CHIP. Unfortunately, this is a lot like dealing with a bank representative directly in that it failed to provide real choice and variety of mortgage products.

So, in order to increase customer service and make the CHIP Reverse Mortgage more accessible to Canadians, HomEquity bank invited a select group of well-established mortgage brokers to become “Reverse Mortgage Certified”. I was included in this group and I’m proud to work with clients through the entire process of securing a reverse mortgage.

One of the greatest advantages you have in working with a reverse mortgage certified broker like me, over a CHIP representative, is that a reverse mortgage is only one product of many that I can advise you on. As a licensed mortgage broker, I have access to many other products that might be more suited for your specific situation. Working with someone who has more options, more products, and considerably more finance experience, is always going to be in your best interest. If this interests you, please visit my mortgage website sabeenabubber.ca to learn more!

What Would You Do?

If you could access the equity in your home, what would you do with it? How would it change your life?

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